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Member management

Customize membership plans and unlock efficient business management through Hapana’s powerful gym member management software that save time.

Gym member management software for flexible scheduling

Create schedules for one-off or ongoing classes based on member demand, optimizing space, and managing peak periods. Manage multiple waitlist options with our gym member management software and even substitute trainers easily to adapt quickly to scheduling conflicts.

core schedule gym member management software

Highly configurable gym
member management software

With our gym member management software configure features to suit your membership types, create custom packages, and offer exclusive on-demand content, all from one powerful platform you can access on desktop or mobile. Tailor what you need and nothing you don’t.

core membership gym member management software

Secure payments & billing

Billing never felt so safe before Hapana’s gym member management software. Set up your system on a secure platform to automate payments, customize billing cycles based on membership types and location, and have complete visibility of invoices, late fees and overdue accounts.

core payment and billing gym member management software

Optimized for mobile

Hapana’s gym membership management software is optimized for mobile usage, you can now manage the daily demands of your business anytime and anywhere. Stay on top of your business and get work done more conveniently.

core optimized for mobile gym member management software

Everyone saves time
with an efficient gym membership management software.

Streamline membership admin with self-service onboarding, paperless sign-up and advanced editing functionality.



Get your staff back on the floor and off the reception desk with on-site kiosks, barcodes and contactless check-in, bookings and updates to contact details.


Digital membership

Get paperwork done without the paper with digitized agreements for smarter record-keeping and smoother onboarding.


Bulk actions

Apply actions to entire custom groups of data: sessions, members, tasks, or even date ranges. No more repeating actions one-by-one.

In the migration, all the platform features came together, especially the continuity of billing. Hapana made that transition very smooth for us.

Alan Sacharowitz,
Co-Founder & CEO

Insights & analytics

Branded app

Cut member admin in half.

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