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Pilates studio software for yoga,
pilates and barre.

Hapana is the first comprehensive pilates studio software developed to drive participation and expansion. Relax with a routine that includes more savasana and less technical touch.

Hapana’s pilates studio software to make things easy.

Make a statement with your digital media.

Maintain your gym’s active membership with live, virtual courses that can be taken either in-studio or online. Increase engagement and retention with Hapana’s pilates studio software by providing members with access to premium fitness content such as videos, articles, and recipes whenever they want.

digital content yoga pilates barre best management software

Streamline the way you handle members.

Memberships may be set up and managed in whichever way you see fit. Pilates studio software that streamline check-ins, reservations, and payments allow for more time spent in the studio and less time spent on paperwork.

member management yoga pilates barre best management software

Take action at ease.

Make smarter decisions, faster, with custom Quick decision-making with more accuracy is possible using business analytics, and comprehensive reports of the pilates studio software created just for you. Whether setting up a single studio or overseeing many, you can get a birds-eye perspective or dive into the nitty-gritty details as needed.

business decision fitness best management software

The Hapana crew provides invaluable assistance during the onboarding of new sites and subsequent site setups. At the corporate level, we are using the regular data from sites to develop insights that inform our choices.

Warren Ainsley,
Systems & Project Manager

The pilates studio software to expand
your brand.


Member management

Organize the framework for individual sales, booking, self-service, and safe payments with Hapana’s pilates studio software.




Having a mobile app that provides members with individualized services, regionalized information, and the ability to connect with others and share their own experiences is a great way to maintain brand consistency throughout the membership journey.



Marketing automation

Use automation to speed up onboarding, reduce front-desk pressure, and increase the efficiency of your lead-generation efforts across all platforms.



Digital content suite

Maintain and grow your membership by providing access to on-demand and live streaming content via a unified multichannel platform.



Insights &

One dashboard for all your analytics and reporting needs means you can make better, more timely choices based on accurate data.


Master the discipline of putting members first.

Get the inside scoop on how Hapana’s data analysis and visualization solutions aided KX Pilates in prioritizing the member experience across all of its locations.

Club management software
that flows.

Experience simplicity with Hapana

Choose the options that fits your yoga, pilates or barre studio

Find comfort in making the change

There will be more downward dogs and less waiting around thanks to the professional assistance provided by the migration team.

Get people involved

Our Customer Success team is ready to help you launch a successful fitness company.








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