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Gym membership software for gyms
& health clubs.

Hapana has been the definitive end-to-end gym membership software solution designed to oversee, engage, and encourage members with an all-access membership.

Hapana considers gyms and health clubs as family members

Memberships are surprisingly versatile.

Independent gym and club memberships may be purchased, or they can be extended to the entire family. Improve accessibility for families to services that meet their needs, from private training to steam rooms and workout challenges. Encourage family members to exercise together by allowing them to schedule with book-a-buddy application bookings.

flexible membership gym health club best management software

Keep tabs on your customers.

With 24/7 self-service on your gym membership software, you’ll never lose another lead and you can increase retention.  Keep tabs on your members’ preferences so you can provide them with information that is relevant to their interests every time you send it out.

member management gym health club best management software

Take advantage of progress by using the appropriate data

Take advantage of a single point of origin for all of your corporate analytics and business intelligence needs. Keep tabs on all aspects of your business, including finances, trainers, members, and marketing, using a single, easy-to-use platform.

gym health club best management software

We didn’t want a solution that was predetermined since our company and technologies are always changing. For us, the most important thing was finding a technology solution partner that could scale with us as we grew. That’s what we discovered with Hapana!

Maz Hagemrad, CEO

The gym or fitness club growth toolset.


Member administration

Lay the groundwork for dynamic member administration, including sales, booking, self-service, and safe payment options for members.



Branded mobile application

With a branded mobile app, you can ensure that your members’ journeys are consistent with your brand identity.



Automated branding

Improve the front-desk experience by automating lead generating efforts across all media.



Digital content library

Streaming and on-demand content on a multichannel system is a great way to keep your customers happy and engaged.



Analytical insights

With unified analytics and personalized reports on a single dash, you can make better, quicker choices.


With the help of a tech-savvy companion, embrace new technology.

See how Hapana helps UFC Gyms keep on top of rapidly changing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and live streaming.

Take advantage of opportunities

Indulge in the pleasures of Hapana

Select the options that are appropriate for your health club or gym.

With courage, make the transition.

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