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Revitalizing fitness center management with advanced club management software

Welcome to the future of fitness center management, where the fusion of technology and fitness forms the cornerstone of success. Hapana, an innovative club management software, is here to redefine your gym operations, ensuring an unrivaled experience for your members.

The essence of our club management software

Gym membership management: simplicity at its best

Hapana has revolutionized gym membership management by offering 24/7 full-fledged service on its dedicated membership app. Keep track of your members’ preferences, send personalized information, and expedite membership renewals. With Hapana, you won’t just manage memberships; you’ll cultivate relationships.

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Fitness club member retention: a core focus

Our club management software is built with a central aim: fitness club member retention. Hapana’s comprehensive system keeps members engaged and motivated, thanks to features like book-a-buddy reservations, diverse amenity access, and personalized content. Our goal is to make your fitness center an irreplaceable part of your members’ lives.

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AI in gym management: the future is here

Introducing a tech-savvy solution to traditional gym management, Hapana integrates AI in gym management. Our platform uses advanced AI technologies to offer personalized user experiences, automate marketing processes, and provide intelligent insights. Embrace the future of fitness center management with Hapana.

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We didn’t want a solution that will be static as our company and technologies change. We wanted a technological collaborator that could scale along with us as we grew. That’s what we discovered with Hapana!

Maz Hagemrad, CEO

Discover the Hapana difference today: the framework to help your fitness club management


Control membership

Set up the basics for versatile member planning in revenues, planning, self-service, and bring benefits.




Keep the member’s experience on-brand with a mobile app that offers personalized user experience, content tailored to the member’s location, and content sharing.



Automating marketing

Process automation campaigns to get more leads across all networks, speed up onboarding, and make the front desk less busy.



Integrated multimedia platform

With an integrated single platform for all users deliver the content preferred by your members through live-streaming.



Insights and statistics

With easy access centralized analytics and personalized reporting solely on a single dashboard, you can make intelligent and convenient decisions.


Team up with a tech-savvy club management software partner.

See how Hapana helps UFC Gyms keep up with new and emerging AI technologies.

Level up your fitness game.

Hapana can be yours.

Select the aspects that work best for your fitness club or studio.

With confidence bring change.

Make a difference by using professional migration assistance

Interact and grow.

With the help of our customer success team, change the status of your fitness business.








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