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On November 12th 2008, I threw away all my take away menu’s. I then ventured out to buy loads of fruit & vegetables. I came home with everything healthy you could imagine. For just over a month I lived on steamed vegetables & chicken, huge bowls of fruit.

Here are some quick stats for you:
Height: 175 cm / 5’9″
Current Weight: 69 kgs or 152 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 117 kgs / 257 lbs

I finally went to my doctor & decided to start seeing a Nutritionist. I clicked automatically with Revi, the second we were introduced, I felt a connection. I knew that what she was saying to me was going to work, everything she was telling me made sense. She made me realize that weight loss was realistic & achievable. Her guideline’s weren’t complicated, I was completely capable of following them. I created all my meals within the guideline’s Revi had given me in that first session. Every day, I followed her guidelines & over time, the weight came off. Quickly at first then my weight loss was more steady.
After 16 month’s of determination, I had become a healthier person. I enjoy everything that comes from being healthy. The food, the energy, the clothes, the personal growth & the mature person I’ve become. I reached my healthy weight on March 5th 2010 & begun blogging daily about the maintenance phase of my journey for just over two years.
In 2012, my daily blogging came to a halt.
I continue to eat a mixture of fruits, vegetables, seafood, carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein, all in moderation.
Proudly, I have been able to stay below my maintenance weight. The photos are a comparison of me in September 2008 v September 2010 v September 2013.
I made videos for youtube to share my entire weight loss journey with my subscribers & continue to make random videos from time to time to keep myself accountable. The videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/starloz.
This article originally appeared at: https://starloz.com/weight-loss.
The article has been shared with the author’s written permission. Laura’s blog can be found at www.starloz.com. The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author.

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