Three significant stretches that you need in your life

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If you have ever suffered from sciatic nerve pain, you will know how awful it can be. Hence, it is mandatory for you to try the significant stretches mentioned in this article. It is such a pain in the butt. Quite literally! There are several causes of sciatic nerve pain. It is most often caused by problems with the spine. Also, pressure between your vertebrae can cause pressure on the sciatic nerve. This is quite common as we get older and for women in pregnancy.

Tight muscles can also cause problems and sciatic pain. If your hip flexor muscles are tight, it causes muscles around them to tighten. This then affects the sciatic nerve and it almost ‘pinches’ it. No one wants to have a searing pain or numbness down the side of their leg as a result. So, here are a few significant stretches that you can do to get some sciatica pain relief.

Get yourself into a low lunge position, as if you were about to start a race. So one foot forward and on the ground. The other leg behind with the knee on the floor and foot behind. Rest both of your hands on the bent knee. Lean your hips forward a little so that you can stretch your hip flexor muscles. If you raise your arms in the air, it intensifies the stretch.
You should hold the stretch for around 20 or 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. If sciatica is a problem that you suffer with regularly, you should do these significant stretches regularly. A couple of times a week is a must but doing it as and when you have pain will also help.
Glute Stretch
Another awesome stretch to do is for your glutes. Lie down on your back and bring your bent, up to a right angle. Using your hands, bring one leg over the top of the other. Then you need to place your hands on the back of the thigh, of the leg that is still at a right angle. Try to lie back as flat as you can and hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. If you find it is painful, you should not lie back as flat. Repeat and swap legs so both sides get a good stretch.
Use a Foam Roller
If you get problems with sore muscles or sciatica a lot, a foam roller is a must. Sit on the foam roller, with your feet flat on the floor. Then you need to lean slightly back. Put one of your hands behind you to keep you stable. Then you should use your hips to shift your weight and roll over the foam roller. Go back and forth slowly for around a minute. Then swap which hand is supporting you as it will shift your weight slightly. Repeat the other side for about a minute too.