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Everything you need to engage.

An end-to-end online fitness business platform empowering gyms and fitness studios to engage and fuel growth.

Why choose Hapana?

Unlock a suite of features without complex integrations or costly subscriptions.

  1. Integrated billing
  2. Single view, multi-memberships
  3. Single sign-in for multi site
  4. Campaign creation & automation
  5. Multi-channel client communication
  6. Social media integration
  7. On demand broadcasting
  8. Customizable premium tiers
  9. Multi-site performance dashboard
  10. KPI & metric management


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Start with member management.

Customize membership plans and unlock efficient business management through powerful features that save time.

flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling tools
Create class schedules based on routine member demand or optimize for peak periods.

highly configurable

Highly configurable memberships
Customize features however you like, across membership types and content needs.


member management online gym management app@2x

Grow your member

Branded app

Your brand on the App Store. Design a consistent in-app experience for members to engage them meaningfully anytime, anywhere.

custom branding

Custom branding
Your app in the App Store with your branding for a consistent member experience.

unified channels

Unified across channels
A seamless experience across your app, website, social media and studio.


branded app online gym management app

Marketing automation

Drive lead conversion and customer retention across multiple channels with smarter fitness marketing software.

lead capture

Lead capture & analysis
Bring your marketing pipelines together across channels to manage leads in one spot.


Customizable workflows
Set up targeted campaigns at the right time for challenges, milestones and leads.


marketing automation online gym management app

Digital content suite

Mix virtual and in-club classes and content to create a hybrid fitness experience.

live stream

Live streaming
Turn on live classes and events and simplify streaming across platforms and time zones.

on demand

On demand
Provide on-demand content, personalized with smart segmentation.


digital content suite online gym management app

Insights & analytics

One-click customized reports for meaningful fitness business intelligence.

centralized dashboard

Centralized dashboard
Access advanced analytics across locations and customer segments.

smarter location

Smarter location analysis
Get instant access to one or all locations for smarter resource allocation and KPI tracking.


insights and analytics online gym management app

From member usability to management back end software, it does the lot. Our team is so much more efficient in everything we do.

James Barone,

Before & After

Shake off complicated plugins and way too many logins with a smarter fitness business platform.

you (whew... that's better)

When should you choose…


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Cross-sell with brands on Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

White glove brand partnership support

Convictional curates brands you can partner with so that you can focus on promoting partnerships instead of finding the right partners for your store.

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Cross-sell with brands on Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.


Cross-sell with Shopify brands only

Carro is great if you’re on Shopify and only want to cross-sell with other Shopify brands. 

Search and partner with brands by yourself

You can find new brands to partner with on Carro’s marketplace, if you have the time and energy to do so.

Manual merchandising for partner products

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