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Cutting-edge software for gyms: revolutionizing fitness industry

Welcome to the future of fitness management – Hapana – a cutting-edge software solution for gyms, designed to streamline operations, enhance member experience and drive growth.

Gym owners who choose Hapana

Simplified scheduling and seamless operations

The first element of our software for gyms focuses on simplifying scheduling and making operations seamless. Say goodbye to conflicts in class schedules or fully booked personal trainers. Our software provides an easy-to-use interface where staff can manage schedules, book classes, and coordinate with personal trainers.

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Comprehensive member management

Our software goes beyond just scheduling, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for member management. You can easily keep track of membership statuses, send automatic reminders for renewals, and even manage different membership tiers. These capabilities ensure your gym retains high member satisfaction and reduces churn rate.

member management yoga pilates barre best management software

Performance tracking and personal training

Modern fitness enthusiasts want to track their progress closely. That’s why our software for gyms includes robust performance tracking features. Whether it’s tracking personal bests in weightlifting, monitoring progress in various fitness classes, or tracking the results of personal training sessions, our software has it all covered.

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Integrated payment systems

To facilitate easier transactions and improve financial management, our software integrates seamlessly with various payment gateways. This feature allows gym owners to accept payments smoothly, manage subscriptions, and keep accurate financial records, all in one place.

member management yoga pilates barre best management software

The Hapana team assists us in onboarding of new locations, including full site configurations. We’re leveraging the daily data from locations at corporate level to build out insights that guide our business decisions.

Warren Ainsley,
Systems & Project Manager

Enhance your gym with modern software.


Member management

Lay the foundations for flexible member management across sales, scheduling, self-service and secure payments.




Keep the member journey on-brand with a mobile app offering custom experiences, localized content and social sharing.



Marketing automation

Automate for lead generation campaigns across channels, faster onboarding and less stress on the front-desk.



Digital content suite

Serve your members (and keep them) with on-demand and live streaming content in an integrated omnichannel platform.



Insights &

Make smarter, faster decisions with one version of the truth from centralized analytics and custom reporting on one dash.


Find your member-first flow.

How Hapana helped KX Pilates put member experience first by leveraging data at corporate and location levels.

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