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Empowering functional fitness: the ultimate software for training studios

Dive into Hapana, the unparalleled functional training studio software, innovatively designed for seamless engagement, maximized efficiency, and a transcendent member experience.

Functional fitness leaders making everyday easier with Hapana

Functional training studio software – reinventing fitness experiences

Engage members in-studio and beyond with unique live and pre-recorded virtual sessions. Elevate their fitness journey by fusing the tangible and virtual worlds with comprehensive video tutorials, informative podcasts, enlightening articles, and nutritious recipes. With our functional training studio software, nurture your fitness community in an innovative and exciting way.

virtual class functional training best management software

Revolutionizing member management

Craft customized membership options to match your studio’s unique needs, demographics, and potential clients. Minimize administrative tasks and maximize studio time with tools designed to effortlessly manage check-ins, bookings, and payments. With our functional training studio software, enhance your operational efficiency and member satisfaction like never before.

health club software for better gym member management

Enabling instantaneous informed decisions

Expedite your decision-making process with tailored, in-depth reports and advanced business intelligence. Gain a panoramic view or delve into particulars, be it for a single studio or multiple locations management. Our functional training studio software provides the data-driven insights you need, right when you need them.

health club software for effective decision making

We’re running a franchise business for functional training and with Hapana our studio owners and managers feel like they’ve got all the support they need outside of Head Office.

Josh Mildren, COO

The toolkit to grow your
functional training studio.


Member management

Lay the foundations for flexible member management across sales, scheduling, self-service and secure payments.




Keep the member journey on-brand with a mobile app offering custom experiences, localized content and social sharing.



Marketing automation

Automate for lead generation campaigns across channels, faster onboarding and less stress on the front-desk.



Digital content suite

Serve your members (and keep them) with on-demand and live streaming content in an integrated omnichannel platform.



Insights &

Make smarter, faster decisions with one version of the truth from centralized analytics and custom reporting on one dash.


More time on the floor, less on the desk.

See how Reunion’s coaches and managers are staying on top of operations to make everyday easier with Hapana.

This is not a drill.
Make the everyday easier.

Make Hapana yours

Choose the features that fit your functional fitness studio

Switch with confidence

Complete the circuit with expert migration support

Unlock engagement

Start transforming your fitness business with our Customer Success team








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