4 Things To Help You Enjoy Building Your Business 2

Four things to help you enjoy building your business

There is nothing worse than building a business when you’re not really enjoying the process. Here are 4 way’s to help you enjoy the process in 2017   1) ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS GOALS WITH THE TYPE OF LIFESTYLE YOU WANT TO LIVE Ensure you are working towards your OWN chosen lifestyle and not someone else’s. …

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Grant Cardone Sell or Be Sold 15 Commitments 2

Sell or be sold

I am re-listening to Grant Cardone’s great book “Sell or Be Sold” on Audible. One of the best books I have read/listened to on sales (the other being Chet Holmes book “The Ultimate Sales Machine“) If you haven’t read either of them, then add them to your wishlist  🙂 Anyway back to the purpose of …

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Get Your Mindset Right 2

Get your mindset right

A little while ago I was sitting in on a sales workshop for PT’s and during the workshop I asked the attendees what they hated most about selling or marketing. Whenever I have asked this question before I usually receive the following answers… “feeling pushy”, “cold contacts”, “not being respected” or “closing”. This time around …

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5 Cheap Ways on How to Market Your Business 1 2

Five cheap ways on how to market your business

Think you can’t afford to implement any effective marketing tactics? Think again. Here are five ways to make a splash on a shoestring budget that can work for virtually every business. 1. Talk to your clients. It’s amazing how much money businesses spend to gather market information and attract new clients when they have a …

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