Bill Brannigan

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Sit-ups suck

Yes, you read correctly. Sit-ups are actually one of the worst exercises you can choose. Unless you are boxing, wrestling, or fighting MMA style, sit-ups don’t serve a single purpose. Sit-ups don’t help you lose fat around your belly, or carve out those ab muscles any better than other exercises. That’s right, you’ll come no …

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The top five exercises you should be doing.. but aren’t!

Sometimes, the simplest looking exercises are the ones people really need most. They can strengthen all the little muscles that allow you to function better; and maybe even look better. If you need to improve your core strength, posture, or just want a better looking backside, these exercises are for you. Perform 10-15 repetitions of …

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What is functional fitness anyway?

Functional fitness is everywhere you look. Gyms provide the equipment, articles talk about it, trainers teach it to clients. Stability balls, wobble boards, etc. have made their way into the fitness mainstream. Fitness enthusiasts perform exercises standing on one leg, bands pulling them in a different direction, along with many other unique exercises. However, do all …

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